Music & Lyrics


Mestre Marquinho Coreba’s second CD ENERGIA VIVA was recoded in 2016. The CD has 12 songs: 1- A Prece 02 – Mandingueiro na Mandinga 03- Capoeira como vai voce 04- Bate a mao no chao 05- Tempo que não volta mais 06- Tempo que não volta mais (sung by Mestre Mao Branca) 07- Cordao de ouro ( sung by Mestre Loabao) 08- Manduca da praia 09- Aide negra africana 10- Madeira boa 11- Eh hora de jogar 12- Capoeira Proibida.




Cantigas de Capoeira

Cantigas De Capoeira CDMestre Coreba recorded his first CD called Cantigas de Capoeirawith twenty new songs. This CD, was recorded with friends and family, including Grão-Mestre Mão Branca.

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Mestre Coreba’s earlier work

Mestre Marquinho Coreba has been composing Capoeira music since 1990. One of his first compositions, Manduca da Praia, was recorded in 1998 on the CD Capoeira Gerais Volume 2. Many more of his songs, including Aide, Rainha do Mar, Cordao de Ouro, and Roca do Lobo have been sung for years by capoeiristas all over the world. These songs are well known and have earned their place in the history of Capoeira music.