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Gerais means “general” in Portuguese. This name was chosen to signify that Capoeira is for everyone–all ages, all physical abilities, all ethnic and social backgrounds. Through Capoeira’s unique history of discrimination and freedom, we seek to promote diversity, tolerance and self-expression. Capoeira combines martial arts, dance, music, and rich cultural traditions, resulting in a physically gratifying and emotionally satisfying experience. We believe that personal growth and fulfillment is the foundation for a better society. And that, in essence, is the philosophy behind our name.

At the very least, Capoeira is an inspiring physical workout. For some people, it becomes a personal journey that builds confidence and self-esteem. And taking that journey in the company of others who share the same goals is especially rewarding for many. But for others, the elegance and magic of Capoeira resonate in ways that are both spiritual and empowering. Then it becomes a way of life, as it has for me.

So, come join us and learn what we’re about. Only then will you discover what Capoeira Gerais means to you.

See you in class!

Mestre Marquinho Coreba

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