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About Mestre Marquinho Coreba



Marquinho Coreba was born on September 21, 1974. He began his Capoeira training in 1988 in the city of Vitoria ES, Brazil, where he practiced with Grupo Beribazu for five years. In 1994, Coreba moved to Belo Horizonte MG, Brazil, to train with Mestre Mão Branca from the group, Capoeira Gerais. While living at Mão Branca’s academy for five years, Coreba demonstrated his knowledge and commitment by teaching five classes each day in addition to spending many additional hours on his own training. It was here that he made the decision to become a professional Capoeirista and chose to dedicate his life to teaching the art of Capoeira.

For four years, while working with Professora Sereia from the Capoeira Gerais group at a school called Despertar, Mestre Marquinho Coreba taught children with a range of learning disabilities and developmental challenges, including Down syndrome and autism. It was evident that their students made great strides practicing Capoeira. Coreba was also a volunteer in the favelas (Brazilian slums), teaching Capoeira to troubled kids with behavioral issues, drug abuse problems, and criminal records. It soon became apparent to Coreba that Capoeira made a positive difference in the lives of at-risk youth as well. These experiences reinforced his strong desire to use Capoeira as a tool to help all.

In 2003, Mestre Marquinho Coreba moved to Madrid, Spain, where he taught more than 100 students within two years. During this time, he organized his first international Capoeira event. After several years of living in Spain, Coreba moved to the United States where he currently resides.

Since 2005, Coreba has taught Capoeira in various US institutions, including schools, universities and fitness centers. In 2015, at the 7th Mundial in Belo Horizonte, an international event attended by premier capoeiristas from around the world, Mestre Mão Branca graduated Marquinho Coreba to the title of Mestre.



Mestre Coreba is well known for his music and his songs are sung by Capoeiristas all over the world. After recording three CDs with Mestre Mão Branca, he recorded his own CD, Cantigas de Capoeira, in September of 2009. His second CD, Energia Viva, was recorded live in 2016 with the guidance and participation of three other great mestres: Mestre Acordeon, Mestre Lobão, and Mestre Mão Branca.

In 2010,Mestre Coreba fulfilled one of his greatest dreams by opening his own academy called Capoeira School for Kids & Adults, located in Marlborough, Massachusetts. In addition to teaching classes at his academy, he also travels around the world to teach workshops at international events, continuing to pursue his goal of spreading the art, music, and history of Capoeira.

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