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Bring Capoeira Classes to your School!


Capoeira Gerais Boston offers some wonderful programs designed for schools, including after school programs. After school classes are designed to be very interactive, and allow people to connect socially while participating in healthy exercise. They provide students with a medium through which they can get to know others who are interested in multicultural experiences and are invested in personal health.

To its students Capoeira provides myriad benefits both physically and mentally. Its movements provide an excellent cardiovascular workout, promoting endurance, coordination, and flexibility. In addition, Capoeira increases agility and physical strength, while also improving balance and spatial awareness.



Capoeira Gerais Boston classes align perfectly with many school organizations’ philosophies. The programs are inclusive, supportive, collaborative, and deliver a commitment to improved student achievement.

Overall, Capoeira will enrich the art, music, health/wellness, or physical education program of the school, promote diversity, and add variety to its bouquet of after school activities.

Programs are tailored to each individual school. All that is needed is an open space and all materials required for the class will be provided by Capoeira Gerais Boston.


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